Joyden Seafood   Joyden Canton   Joyden Treasures    -  01 December 2017
Food has the magic to bring people together - whether itís in a family gathering, a simple lunch out with friends or after work hangout with your officemates. And itís exactly what Joyden Concept - a Chinese restaurant in Singapore is all about - celebrating the magic of food through the creation of outstanding Chinese dishes. more
Joyden Seafood   Joyden Canton   Joyden Treasures    -  16 January 2018
Looking for the perfect wedding venue in Singapore? A few things to consider: location, space, facilities and of course, whatís a wedding without good food in Singapore? If these things top your list, The Joyden Hall is the best wedding venue for you!
1 The Joyden Hall is a more
Joyden Canton    -  21 December 2017
Joyden Canton Orchard Ė the newest among Joyden Conceptsí four outlets is one of the many Cantonese restaurants in Singapore. However, despite heavy competition from the Cantonese kitchen concept in the Lion City, Joyden Canton highlights the use of artisanal culinary skills, hand-made produce and home-cooked flavours to set it apart from the others. If youíre in more