Joyden Seafood   Joyden Canton   Joyden Treasures    -  19 March 2018
Dim Sum is one of the first things to come to mind when thinking of Cantonese cuisine. It is a certified crowd favourite at Cantonese restaurants in Singapore. If you want a good food in Singapore that everyone will agree on, dim sum is your safest best. Be it steamed or fried, savoury or sweet, no more
Joyden Canton    -  23 February 2018
Hidden in the tranquillity of the lush Hillview area is a unique Cantonese restaurant in Singapore. Joyden Canton Kitchen offering an authentic taste of Cantonese cuisine inspired by the cities in the Guangdong province. With a carefully curated menu, trust that only the best Cantonese food will be served. Joyden Cantonread more
Joyden Canton   Joyden Treasures    -  14 February 2018
When you find yourself craving crabs in Singapore, you often go for the usual Black Pepper Crab route. But if you’re a crab enthusiast looking for new crab dishes to try, there are plenty of best places to eat in Singapore that offers homemade seafood dishes such as Joyden Treasures, a Chinese restaurant in Singapore specialising more
Joyden Seafood   Joyden Canton   Joyden Treasures    -  05 February 2018
Chinese New Year is just around the corner and everyone is making plans pronto. Reunion dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Singapore is the most common idea but with the high demand, it seems that booking a table and deciding on the best places to eat in Singapore is harder than it looks. But fret not more